Weeks Clean of Burning: 7 weeks ~ Days Since Panic Attack: 0 days
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Howl when the pain comes.
Wake up the moon.
Send her hurtling towards the ocean
until she emerges orange and burning over the water.
Break the earth’s eardrums.
Scream so loud the sky bleeds.
Stomp your feet until the ground
moves from underneath you.
Make it take you somewhere
without a fist.
Do not let the sun fall asleep
until you have found your own.
When it all finally goes quiet,
listen for peace.
Run your hands along the silence
until you find an open wound, then
see if it matches your own.
Keep looking.
When your eyes close and you
still feel it, set fire to the stars.
One day, this will be easier.
One day, you won’t have to do this.
Until then, be loud.
Stay loud.
Don’t apologize.
Scare the ghosts out of the sky.

-Caitlyn Siehl, On Healing (via vapourise)

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Well tomorrow will be 1 week since we lost Cam And


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